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We're heading to the FARGO FILM FESTIVAL
Thursday Afternoon, March 21, Theatre 1

Fargo, North Dakota
Get your tickets here

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Watch the TRAILER for our first short film in The Cassandra Project trilogy.


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The Cassandra Project

The Cassandra Project is a trilogy of short scripted films highlighting the dangerously high stakes that can arise when women are disbelieved and their voices are disregarded and dismissed. 


Three genres. Three stories. Three female protagonists. One unifying and terrifying truth – when women’s voices are not heard, it is very dangerous for everyone. 


Inspired by the real life experience of creator, Barclay DeVeau, who spent nearly a year desperately attempting to get a diagnosis for a severe medical condition, only to be repeatedly dismissed and disregarded by numerous doctors as she deteriorated, The Cassandra Project is response to her own dismissal and the dismissal of so many women in virtually every arena imaginable. Each of the films in the trilogy will amplify the urgent need to listen to women, and together their impact will be all the more resounding. 


A two time Emmy Award winner and Executive Producer of the acclaimed film, To Leslie (2022), which garnered Andrea Riseborough an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress, Barclay has put together an award-winning team, comprised of more than 75% women, determined to move the needle in the right direction - towards a world in which all voices are heard, and gender in no longer a factor in believability.

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